Montessory Box 1-3 years old

Montessory Box 1-3 years old

· Puzzle “Fruit”

· Karemo game

· Montessori shape puzzles (3 items)

· Puzzle “Locomotive”

· Cube game with animals

· Wooden toy

· Seguin’s boards (3 items)

· Wooden lacing game


Puzzle “Fruits” is a brightly coloured wooden toy in a shape of apple, pear, grapes, strawberry or orange. Each shape has circles to match the colours.


Karemo game develops attention and creative imagination. You have to find 4 belonging pieces and to put an animal together.


Montessori shape puzzle includes 3 shapes. While playing the child learns different shapes, practices visual-motor skills. The base can be traced from inside and the shape – from outside, the picture can be colored.


Puzzle “Locomotive” helps to develop visual memory skills. The kid has to put the train carriages in the right order.


Animal blocks: simple design and bright pictures help the child to put the animals together, learn their names, develop memory skills and attention.


A wooden toy: a large-sized easy-to-grasp baby toy

(a car / an animal / a bead maze)


Wooden lacing game develops fine motor skills and patience.


Seguin’s boards help to develop sense of sight, tactile learning, visual motor skills, logic. It helps to get basic knowledge about colours and shapes.





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