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Пост обновлен 17 мар. 2019 г.

My name is Christina. We have four kids in our family and we really love to travel with our them. The Travel Mum project was invented while travelling with my youngest son. When he turned one it wasn’t easy taking a road trip with him. It has become important to me to entertain my kid on the go and to buy some quiet time for others and myself. Orgamamser, the company that organized the project with kid’s travel games, inspired me. This company has been bringing joy to children from Russia for more than three years.

Each kit is tailor made. I take into account an age, gender and interests of a child. I help you to spare your time for buying games for a trip. My goal is to guarantee your calmness and nice journey. Moreover, the last but not the least – to make your child happy!

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